Thursday, January 24, 2013

Army Extras: Wound Counters

There are many things you can do to add to your army as a whole. Things that enhance the overall hobby and gaming experience. One such thing is wound counters.
For my Bull Ogre army I've created a bunch of them.

The goal was to have enough wound counters that I could handle any situation, or combination of wounds.

There is even a really tall one with one wound pole on it, for the Ghorgon/Iron Blaster.
Some of them have multiple toothpicks on them, at different heights. That's for when I have a character or two in a unit, along with a unit champ and a bunch of rank and file. The higher the wound pole, the bigger/more important the model is whose wounds are represented on it.
These are themed and painted to fit in perfectly with my Bull Ogres (and Beastmen). Every single model in my army has at least one toothpick attached to the base in this manner, and painted similarly.
As you can see, to show the wounds I put skull beads on the wound poles (toothpicks). I have some plastic ones, some wooden ones, and some horn (bone?) ones. The plastic ones are molded, the horn and wooden ones are hand carved (in China, not by me. I'm not completely obsessed with this crap, despite common opinion).

The result is something that will help out in the game, and add a bit of additional flair to the army.
I have a few other ideas for tokens and counters that I can add to the army, so if you're intrigued by this idea: Stay tuned.


Domus said...

Of course I love the idea. I did it myself. I think you should create the counters rather than just use the beads. My $0.02. Sculpt little unicorn heads and cast them or something!!!

Round bases are the way to go to keep confusion to a minimum.

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