Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Mid-War German Vehicles | FOW

Here are a selection of vehicles I finished up kinda-quickly for the FOW Mid-War Doubles tournament at the Last Square in Madison held at beginning of the month [we got shellacked, but it was fun...]. Anyhoo, learned a lot painting these that I will apply to my next batch of FOW figures [that being a 1000 point Grenadier force for Adepticon].  Will also be playing at an Mid-War singles event @ Tower Games in Minneapolis on Jan 5th for which I need to paint up some Brummbars and Marder III Ms...

Panzer III N platoon

Still need to work on photography at this scale...

8-Rad Scout Platoon.  Love these models

I had a lot of fun adding and sculpting stowage, etc. 

Quad 2.0cm AA platoon

Really "fiddly" to put to together, but I think they turned out OK.    
Thanks for looking


PsychosisPC said...

Sheesh, tiny stuff. Looks good though.

Paul of the Man Cave said...

They look great!

I'm just starting my foray into FoW (having gotten the Open Fire boxed set for Christmas) after years at 28mm scaled games, and if my vehicles come out as good as your I'll be stoked!

Now Following to see more of such goodness from you!

Michael Butcher said...

Thanks! At this scale I have to go for overall look vs. detail (damn my old eyes...). I bought the open fire box for the figures (and the mini rule book). Gave me the core of a Irish Guards Armored Company. Was able to snag the other plastic tanks (from people parting out the Open Fire box on ebay on the cheap) I needed so they all match. The scale on the plastics is a little different than the resins, only noticeable when you put them side to side. For example, the plastic StugIII is a little beefer than the resin ones. I prefer to use all of one type for aesthetics. The Open Fire infantry are freaking awesome. Hopefully they make more sets this way.

DeanM said...

Fantastic work again; BTW, Pat is putting together a Bolt Action tourney for our annual historical convention out here in WA State. Haven't seen the rules yet - but plan on getting a copy. Best, Dean

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