Sunday, December 2, 2012

Ghorgon Iron Blaster WIP 1: More Than I Can Chew?

I had a grand idea for a Minotaur/Beastmen themed Iron Blaster for my Bull Ogre army. That idea was a Ghorgon holding an Iron Blaster cannon, with some Ungors hanging around doing something silly looking.

Thus far, what I've built is almost exactly what I envisioned. The only small tweaks I've made was to cut all of his hair off in favor of Minotaur-style fur, and to add the second set of arms.
The fur idea came way later, as I was building him. I really didn't care for the hair that he had on him, and Minotaur-style fur would help to tie him in with the rest of the army.
The second set of arms were added simply because he looked kewler with them on when I got to that point.
 I've already been working on this guy for a month. Who knows how long he'll take me to finish, but for now I'm content to focus on him one day at a time. If I do anything else, I quickly feel overwhelmed!

The first thing I had to do was to build the legs and body. His normal leg position wouldn't work at all for what I had in mind. I attached the legs to the body, then cut them off with a jeweler's saw at the upper thigh once the plastic glue was dry.
 I reattached them using super glue and ApoxieSculpt.
 One of his feet had to be positioned differently than it was intended, in order to make him stand up right. I was able to just round it off with a modeling knife, and plastic glue it in place.
 Next it was time to attach the head. Once again, the original head position wasn't going to work. I had to cut off a large bit of the neck with the jeweler's saw. I then used super glue and ApoxieSculpt to reattach the head in the position that I had in mind.
I did the horns after the head glue/putty was dry. I tried all of the available horns on him, but didn't really like any of them. In the end I attached the one that I thought looked the best. I then cut the horns off near the head, and repositioned them. They were attached with plastic glue.
The new head position meant that the upper left arm didn't fit any more. I built all the arms, and attached them one at a time. The lower ones were put on first. I had to hack up the part where the arms met the body, because this set of arms needed to be positioned to hold the Iron Blaster cannon.

The upper set of arms was much simpler. I had to shave the left shoulder down quite a bit in order to get it to fit under the horn. Other than that, it was straight forward.
At that point, I added the hands. The hands on the lower two arms were, again, the tricky ones. They needed to look like he was actually holding and using the cannon. I used ApoxieSculpt and super glue to attach the lower hands, repositioning them slightly to account for the cannon. The hands on the upper arms were attached normally.

I picked out my favorite forearm guards from the kit, cleaned them up, dry fit them, made some adjustments so they'd fit properly, and then set them aside. These will be painted separate from the rest of the model; it'll be much easier that way.
Next I shaved his whole body down. All that shaggy fur had to go!

From there I scraped down, and then resculpted the parts where the modified legs joined the model. All the high edges of plastic and putty were cut out, so the sculpting could be done cleanly. I make the skin there look as if he hadn't been altered.
Next I started doing the fur on one leg. I worked it all the way up. Sculpting him a nice butt when I got that high.
After that, I worked on his other leg. Sculpting fur from the bottom up.
Here he is so far.
Next up, I have to make a new loin cloth for him. That'll likely be made of GreenStuff. I will also be adding musculature at his four shoulders, to make the hacked up/rejoined arms look like they belong where they are. Stay tuned!


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Rafael "Balangaz" said...

this is looking amazing dude. HOw are you planning on setting up the unit, as a one giant Ghorgon and wound markers around or really use the numbers of leadbelchers you intend on having?

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