Sunday, December 16, 2012

Flying (optionally) Doombull Conversion Update #2

It's been a about 3 weeks since I posted my progress on this big fella. He's really coming along nicely, and is finally getting close to being done. 
As you can see, he's gotten a lot furrier! It feels like my hobby time has involved me doing little more than sculpting fur on him and the Ghorgon for months now!
He's fuzzy all around.
I gave him some hair plugs on his upper back there. If only I could take care of my own hair (or lack thereof) issues as easily!
There are magnets embedded in his back, and there are tiny magnets in the fur plugs.
There are some larger magnets embedded in the wings, since they're relatively weighty.
These magnets hold the wings on there super well. You can pick the model up by the wing, and it doesn't feel shaky or anything. Here he is being held.
Well, next up is finish his right forearm, add some fur to the wings, and then build a custom shield and weapon. After that I will just have to add a few interesting bitz to him for flavor, and he'll be done!


Mr Saturday said...

Looking super sweet, nice idea on the magno-wings. What kind of magnets are you using? How do you embed them?

Ryan said...

Looking sweet son! Really like the conversion work for the torso and the back. Nice idea giving yourself options to not run him with wings. He could be a BA tyrant in the bull ogres army perhaps.

Shield....charmed shield perhaps? =)

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