Thursday, November 15, 2012

Still Slippery - Northstar 2012 - Game 1

Recently got back from the Northstar 2012 GT up in Minneapolis, MN.  It was an absolute blast.

I had the extreme pleasure of making the trip up for the weekend with my bro Tom McClure.  Tom is just about the best friend a fella could ever ask for.  Ever.  We left on Friday and arrived at the venue around 6:00 or so due to numerous stops.  (*I do love Tom but he has a small bladder.)

Grant Fetter & I had setup a practice game Friday night and he was there minutes before me so we got setup and threw down.  He was rocking the Tamurkhan CD list vs. my WE list.

My list
 Lvl 4 - Dispel Scroll, Stone of Rebirth
BSB - Hail of Doom arrow, Asyendi's bane (*shocking right)
12 Glade Guard - Std, Muso (Flaming)
11 Glade Guard - Std, Muso
8 Dryads
8 Dryads
8 Dryads
6 Wild Riders - Std, Muso (Gleaming Penant)
5 Treekin
4 Treekin
Great eagle
Great Eagle

Grant had (from memory, dont hold me to it)
Lvl 4 - Hashut
Big Block of dwarves
Big Block of Hobgoblins
Hobgob Wolf Riders
4 Bull Centaurs
2 Magma cannons
1 Death Rocket
1 Kdaii

Looking at his army I knew I would out deploy him so I just placed dryad units til I saw which corner he was castling in.  I waited and deployed all the big trees then 42" out from the Magma cannon (max range).  This meant I would be shooting from afar and sweeping round a flank to get in combat.  I did take a big risk and deployed my Wild Riders very near my left table edge to advance on his war machine bunker.  Got a full vanguard move forward from them as well.  His Kdaii was directly across from my archers which could have been an issue but I had eagles ready!!
Castling Wood Elves for the win!

I didn't take any more pics and just have highlights.

On the left flank the Wild Riders got shot at only with 1 machine and not all 3.  This left me able to get in position to charge his machine.  He charged me with his engineer guy who the WR easily manhandled, chased down and pursued into machines.

His Kdaii failed a frenzy test and had to charge dryads which sent him off away from my archers to my left flank.  Eagles did the job of redicrecting him from there.  I did 2 wounds to it with Dryads and he did the rest with T tests.  Died turn 6.  More than a few people were amazed that a WE player "killed it" as our game had amassed quite a crowd.  While I didn't really kill it, I'm gonna own that!

Turn 5 or 6 I had finally swung my flank around and was in combat.  He whiffed all his rolls on my treeman (*he had that auto-kill flammable item) and I believe that was game.  Big WE win! 
Lots of WE left. 

We then retired to the home of Mike "Bloody" Gerold who was kind enough to lend us some sleeping space for the weekend.  Really Top Drawer move bro.  Cheers for that!

On to the Tournament.

I challenged a guy that I had met at WaaaghPaca this year named Zach Shelley.  He's a great guy and is a ton of fun to be around.  I knew he was gonna be rolling Brets and that was ok.  Harder matchup for the woodies but I was valuing an uphill climb.

Game 1 vs Zach Shelley - Gorgeous Bretonnians with a Stark / Winterfell theme
I only wish I took more pics of his gorgeous army.
His list...

Bret Lord - ASF Sword / Grail Shield / Virtue of Heroism
Prophetess - Lore of Life - Dispel Scroll
BSB- Stubborn
8 KotR - FC - Std of Discipline
8 KotR - FC
9 KotR - FC
10 Peasant bowmen
3 Peg Knights
Grail Reliquae - 18 Pilgrims
8 Grail Knights - Banner of Eternal Flame
1 Trebuchet

Turn 1
Major Objective = Kill Opponents Smallest Unit(s) = 300 VP
Minor Objective = Keep your Most Expensive units alive = 150 VP

The objective of this scenario was to kill your opponents smallest unit.  If he had multiple same point cost units (Chars dont count) you had to kill them all.  You did NOT have to reveal which unit was your smallest.  Zach had a very small unit of archers which I knew to be his smallest point unit.  Mine were my eagles which usually die anyways.

I made a deployment error with my 5 pack of treekin and he deployed well vs me.  I did only allow him 1 turn of treb fire.  Wild riders moved up within 1" on turn 1 and then charged it turn 2.

I made a HUGE mistake with my eagles that ultimately lost me 475 vps.  I had them perfectly positioned to double flee and block his grail knight unit with HKB lord (assumed) from charging my Treekin.  I then moved them 1/2" over to the left.  This gave him just enough room to squeeze through.  Not sure why I did that but que sera.  Good on my opponent for capitalizing on my monumental stupidity!

Flaming Grail Knights + HKB lord with ASF weapon = Dead treekin.  I did have him boxed in though so he couldn't easily reform and he just that there next to the table edge.  After recovering from that smackdown, I finally used my eagles correctly and just kept his grails pinned at the table edge to keep them out of the game.

His peg knights had maneuvered around and managed a charge on a bowman unit (mage had left the unit) AND had managed to successfully cast shield of thorns on the pegs which really hurt the Glade Guard.  I made an amazing break test Insanely and knew I was in trouble going into my turn.  I got a really big winds of magic roll and after some Throne, Flesh 2 Stone & Regrowth had pulled all of his dice went for a 3 dice Shield on MY Glade Guard.  It cast and since it was my turn, I used the sequencing rule to resolve my spell first.  Dead peg knights.  195 points saved.

My treeman was in with some knights, his BSB, and Lvl 4 Damsel.  In my turn 6, I killed 1 too many knights with my big tree.  This let his Heroic HKB lord charge turn 6 and erased the treeman. 

I had managed to kill the Reliquae, Treb, Peg knights, archers (lowest point unit so major objective = 300 VP for me), and 1 KotR unit.  Zach did get the Minor objective in this and I didn't, so +150 for him.

Killing 1 knight took the game from a 108 pt win to a 177 point loss.

Zach was amazing to play.  Both tactically and as just a great freaking human being.  I can not wait for our rematch!

Zachs cool-ass converted Bret Lord



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