Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Shogun Miniatures Flat Unit Trays

I just wanted to take a minute and advocate a new product (to me) I am using with my new army.

Steel Flat unit trays from Shogun Miniatures.

For $26.75 Shipped I got the following 22 Steel Insert trays (24 gauge mild steel about 0.024" thick)
4 - 120mmx40mm @ 0.60 ea     2.40
1 - 120mmx60mm @ 0.90 ea     0.90
4 - 140mmx60mm @ 1.05 ea     4.20
2 - 200mmx80mm @ 2.00 ea     4.00
4 - 100mmx100mm @ 1.25 ea    5.00
3 - 175mmx50mm @ 1.10 ea     3.30
4 - 40mmx80mm @ 0.40 ea      1.60

This lot will cover any unit formation I could ever want for my Dark Elf army.

He has tons of other sizes - likely any size a WFB player could ever need.   

Instead of cutting my own inserts for my home made movement trays, I spent a bit of cabbage and purchased these from Robert @ Shogun.  (*Rob Phaneuf led me to the product in the first place, thanks for the tip bro!)

 It was very nice to NOT have to cut my inserts myself.  Not have to deal with ragged edges and inserts that just will not lay flat.  And the time/hassle savings is easily justified by the very low cost.

I DO highly recommend that you score the side you are gluing before gluing them into a movement tray. 

As I get done I am gonna contact this guy and see if I can get some bigger sheets for transporting the army!

It's important to note that it took about 2 weeks from order ---> receipt.  Robert had provided me with this information in advance though so no surprises.

I don't typically recommend products but this was such a great product with a low cost and all backed up by great communication / customer service I can't help but recommend it.  He sells some other products as well but these are the only ones I've currently used.



Rhellion said...

I am going to take advantage of these. Thanks Domus.

Vilicate said...

Very nice! That price is well worth it. I'll have have to give that a look.

TrekkerYu said...

I like these too...probably for my next army, whatever that ends up being.

Domus said...

Awesome guys! Just a quick note - I updated the blog but it took about 2 weeeks for my order and I was told this in advance. Just don't expect overnight turnaround!

retroalias said...

Shogun's stuff is so reasonably priced it's impossible to consider doing it myself. I also had Robert make my steel inserts for my Table War case as he is capable of doing anytype of custom sizes you can come up with.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Domus! I cut my own right now and its a pain in the ass...for this price I am definitely going to take advantage in the future. Nice find!

Chicago Terrain Factory said...

The Shogun trays rock - excellent value for magnetizing an army. I prefer the flanged trays - they hold up will and do not need to be glued into a plastic movement tray.

RJ_Payne said...

Nice tip mate! If anyone is having trouble getting a good bond with steel on to plastic try Evo Stik glue.

Hoodling said...

I bought a huge number of these a while back. I went for the flanged trays because I don't normally magnetise my models. The trays are tough and cheap - great value.

The only downside is that you can't really decorate the edges with sand, flock etc given they've got such a thin edge - stuff gets knocked off. My current plan is just to paint the edges - the trays are really unobtrusive anyway, so I think it will work fine.

Sylvos said...

That's funny, I just made a massive order from him as well. He's got really awesome turn around times for his orders.

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