Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Northstar Game 3 - Beerfest

Game 3 - Ted Femrite - Orcs & Goblins
Another Lords of War member (#3 for those playing at home)

Blac Orc Warboss- Bashas Axe, Enchanted Shield, Talisman of Endurance, Other Tricksters Shard
Lvl 4 Savage Orc Mage (Shrunken Head, Crown of Command)
Savage Orc BSB - Banner of Eternal Flame
Night Goblin Shaman - Lvl 2 - Dispel Scroll
33 Savage Orc Biguns with Xhw - FC
30 Night Goblins - Std - 3 Fanatics - Nets
31 Orcs - FC
5 Wolf Riders
5 Wolf Riders
2 Manglers
2 Doom Divers
2 Pump Wagons - Spiky Rolla, Outrigga

We were playing on this beautiful hobbit table built by Eric Hagen from the Northstar team.  (*I only know this because he came by multiple times and warned about being careful of his flowers!)

Scenario = King of the Battlefield (diagonal deployment)
Major Objective = Control The Objective Marker
Minor Objective = Kill the enemy's heroes

I'd not met Ted but we started our game with beer.  His friend went and got us all a beer while we deployed.  Many thanks o friend of Ted (whoever you were).  Drinking heavily became the theme of this game.  It was happy hour and we were making multiple trips to drink while it was cheap.

I came into this game figuring I was out of it.  11-9 in my first game.  20-0 in my second left me with 9 points out of 40 coming into round 3.  With all aspirations of placing out of my mind I was just in super fun mode. 

On my left flank - a Pump wagon decimated the Wild Riders.
I spent 3 turns shooting Manglers.  I killed one before he got to my lines.
The other one, on Teds turn 3 with 1 wound left, had a super nice line on my treekin, treekin, and dryads. He was drooling a bit at the prospect of creaming all 3, it was fun!  He rolls his dice and he gets super excited when triple 6's come up and gives me Double High 5's!  I was equally excited and gladly returned them.  Ted was envisioning destroying all 3 units when I had to bring him back to reality and point out he rolled triples.  Triples = Dead Mangler.  We laughed for about 20 minutes on that note.  More beer.  More laughter.

I dwellered the holy living heck out of his Savage Orc unit (I've fought McClures and wanted no part of it), killing the level 4 and eventually the unit.

He had a big nightgoblin unit trying to sneak its way around to my generals bunker which was deep in my DZ and some dryads + fear + netting himself resolved that neatly for me.

Big win for me.  I drunkenly managed to kill all of his stuff and minimize my losses.  20-0 for me.

I gotta say that Ted is one of the most fun players I've met in a long time.  I had awesome games round 1 and 2 but Ted and I just got silly and were playing for total fun.  His great attitude took me out of any funk I might have been developing after 2 losses and just set the stage for amazing Saturday night.

The matchups for round 4 went up and I got matched up with a Skaven player named Paul Beck.  Turns out, be belongs to this club of gamers from MN called, wait for it, the LORDS OF WAR.  I scoped out his army which appeared to be nothing more than tons of rats, Warlord on Bonebreaker, a lvl 4 and Double A-Boms.  None of the scary shooty elements which so easily take apart my combat trees.  Nice!  A skaven list I was looking forward to playing against!!!

We rounded out the night with a ton of drinking and playing a game called Cards Against Humanity with about 10 - 12 guys.  If you've never played this game it is absolutely hilarious.  It is likely politically incorrect Apples 2 Apples.  You can only get it on Amazon or their web store and they are known for running out of stock (*which means the uber capitalists sell it on ebay for a small fortune).  But they also provide a PDF of the cards and you can print your own game!



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