Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Northstar Game 2

Game 2 - Dennis Kim - Dark Elves
Another member of the Lords of War

Dreadlord on Dragon - Pendant - Whip of Agony - Other Tricksters Shard
Noble BSB on Peg with Ring of Hotek & Cloak of Hag Graef - Hvy Armor / Shield
Lvl 2 - Dark Magic

25 Corsairs - xhw - FC - Sea Serpent Standard
2 x 10 Xbow Blocks - Muso / Std / Shield
5 Cold One Knights - FC - Crimson Death on champ
2 Hydras

Scenario = Fortitude
 Major Objective = Make your opponent hit his breaking point by the end of the game
Minor Objective = Kill an Enemy Wizard

I was a bit overconfident coming into this game.  My record vs. Dark Elves is stellar.  Of course the last time I faced a Dragonlord I had an Alter Noble with Annoyance to deal with him.  He also mentioned that it was his first tournament. 

I easily outdeployed him and put my archers - 4 treekin - treeman and 1 unit of dryads on my left flank.  I put a big unit of treekin roughly 10" away from his Dragonlord to bait him and try and put some wounds on the dragon.  The other 2 units of dryads went over there to lure hydras into forests (*which ultimately happened).  The treekin whiffed in a big way and failed to do any real damage to the dragon (1 wound maybe) and were run down. 

Dennis moved his BSB Peg into charge range on my archers, I was certain he was going to charge.  Turns out, he was just finagling into position to put me under the Ring effect.  I spent a bunch of time trying to deal with that guy which was wasted (S2 Strangleroots are not great).

His CoKs and Hydra got in with 4 treekin and made short work of them, though managed to take out 3-4 of the 5 Knights.

I was dwellering & shooting the corsairs every turn possible but was not able to wipe it out.  I got it down to 5-6 models at the end I believe.  The first time I dwellered the unit and I told him the sorc had to test triggered a judge question.   The previous year at the Northstar they allowed Look Out Sirs vs. the big spells.  This year they did not.  (*I probably would not have attended had there been comp in play.)

My treeman moved into position to deal with the dragonlord.   I think over the course of 4-5 rounds of combat I put 5 wounds on the dragon but he ultimately got the kill.  The last hydra had managed to break & kill the BSB unit.  Break point reached.  20 - 0 to Dennis.

Game Over Man.  Game Over.

Great, fun game.  Had my dice been a little better and his been worse then I might have had a chance, even with my mistakes.   This guy has some skills for his first time out.  I made a mistake of underestimating him.  Not one I will make again.  I look forward to our rematch which will be a bit of a civil war!



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