Monday, November 5, 2012

How Domus got his Groove Back


Something I've had a love hate relationship with over the past couple of years.  I love hobbying but just getting started can be so difficult.

Things are now different.  Why?  Two major reasons.
1.  We bought a new house.  I now have a gaming space and a painting / modeling space.
2.  I've played more Warhammer this year than in recent years.  I'm really ready to play something other than my Woodies or my Lizards.

 Here is a picture of my new workspace.  I couldn't be more happy!  Except for maybe getting some Drywall up!

I set a goal for myself to have my Dark Elves fully assembled and ready for paint by November 1st.  I didn't meet that goal but I've been making steady progress.  I think I will just need to take a few vacation days this year to get some extra painting time in so I meet my goal of having my army ready for Waaaaghpaca 2013. 

My Dark Elf army is themed around a picture from Old School D&D of Drow.  I will be adding elements from the Forgotten Realms Drow as well (but no Drizzt) simply because they delve deeply into Drow society.  I started this concept in 2009 and I am now bound an determined to get it finished! 

The picture that inspired the army.

When I build an army I like to get the whole army built and converted and based so I can just sit down and paint.  I prefer this method as it gives me mini-completion goals and then I am not mixing processes, it allows me more focus (Something I struggle with at times).

At this point I've managed to finish a couple of the simpler units.  Please forgive the pic quality - they are all iPhone pics. 

First up, the Corsair Horde.  (30-40 strong, depending on points)

I really enjoy these models.  I am using these models right out of the box.  No conversions.  I do have the basing work left to do but I will be doing that as a final stage very shortly. 

Warriors with Spears unit (25 strong)
I am not a fan at all of the DE Warrior models.  So I took Corsair models and added the Warrior arms, I added brass rod for spear shafts (I don't trust plastics) and the spear head back to the model.  These models will also get shields but they will be painted seperately and added later.

This I'm gonna post a couple of pics of this unit.  I was hoping to do a unit filler in this unit but I am on the fence.  Any input would be appreciated.  

Unit without a Filler
Unit with Spider Filler (top view)
Unit with Spider Filler (Level View)
Unit with Spider Filler and Spider Rider

I'd love your feedback on that unit.  I've got some helpful tips already on twitter but always searching for more input.  (*No Disassemble!!)

It's important to note that the Corsairs and "Spearsairs" are all built using specific Corsair heads (without helmets) and Dark Eldar heads (without helmets).  This was intentional to allow for more of the skin color in these heavily clothed / armored units.

Last but not least are my Crossbow units.  Again, with a strong distate for the DE Warrior Kit I had to look elsewhere.  I also wanted to have more "cloth" in the unit as the cloth will be red and is the 'primary' color of the army.  So I hacked up Flagellant models for the lower half and added the DE Warrior torsos and arms.  The joins were not perfect so required some Green Stuff efforts.  I topped it off with some Dark Eldar 'helmeted' heads I had lying about.  I still need to add the feet to these units (Cut from DE Warrior legs).  I have 2 units like this!
I need 4 more of these heads!!!  HELP!

 I'm working on 2 heavily converted Harpy units and a heavily converted Dark Rider unit.  Those pics will have to wait.  Maybe until Waaaaghpaca.  The last unit to finish then will be a Black Guard unit using stock models not converted.

Tomorrow I will post pics of my Lvl 4 caster model and my Cauldron of Blood BSB. 



CanHammerChris said...

I really like the new army theme!! I know what you mean though needing to get started I have struggled with balancing stuff and starting projects. Nice post bro!

Mr Saturday said...

Sweet looking models, the crossbowmen are really nice. In fact, all your units are looking great. Love the drow thing.

Land said...

Now i get the helmetless models. Normally I hate helmetless models, if a guy is going to war and has a helmet wear it damnit. but for the theme and paint pallet i dig it. also the crossbowmen look awesome good job.

Vilicate said...

I like your bases - I can see on some of the models that they're drilled through with a magnet - where would one purchase bases like that, and do they come with the hole drilled? Seems like a great way to make sure the base is flush with the tray so it's more seamless.

PsychosisPC said...

Get a new chair, that one looks too hard.

Domus said...

Thanks for all the comments guys.

Vilicate - I bought all my bases from The hole was not drilled, I did em all myself but I like the squared off bases > GW Sloped side ones.

And yes Welte, that chair is awful. It's on my to do list I just don't think of it often.

Heather said...

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