Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Dark Elf Leadership

Given my army theme, it is very important that the bulk of the characters leading the army are female.  Drow are a Matriarchal society and the women really consider the men as fodder.  Their noble brothers are held in only a slightly higher regard.

In Drow lore, the females were also all clerics cable of calling down Lloths wrath to smite their enemies.  To this end, all of my mages in my army will be female to start.  (*In Forgotten Realms Drow lore all of the mages are male as they wield the arcane power and the clerics wield the "holy" power of their deity.  A theme I hope to explore more in future expansions)

I needed a female model that looked "wicked" enough to be the Leader of my contingent.  One of the few good things that came about from my slowness building this army is that GW released a new Dark Eldar army and models for 40K.  I found my leader in the Lelith Hesperax model, a truly beautiful sculpt.  She will represent my Lvl 4 caster on the tabletop.

What a crappy pic right?

The BSB.  I have always intended to utilize a Cauldron of Blood with a BSB.  Yes it has some vulnerabilities, but it also strengthens my units in very needed ways.

I struggled for a long time with my plans.  At first I was going to use an Arachnarok.  Fun idea but it was just way too large.  I knew that my cauldron had to be mobile after seeing many static looking cauldrons.  I ultimately had decided to use the cauldron from the actual DE Cauldron of Blood instead of Skragg the Slaughterers cauldron (*which was my previous choice).  After struggling with how to represent it's mobility I recently came up with a simple and elegant solution that tied into my army theme.  In the words of Forrest Gump, I gave it "Magic Legs".  I simply found a Wyrd Mechanical spider model and attached those legs to my DE caulrdon to make it look as if Dark Elf magics had given it life in the name of Lloth.  (*Rodge then told me yesterday it reminded him of the movie Willow - Love that flick and had totally forgotten about that scene.  Subconscious at work!)

For the actual BSB, I took the hag model from the Cauldron, 1 of the attendants and a witch elf.  The attendants are full stock models while the Hag had her cup removed and replaced with brass tubing and a Battle Standard.

The finished BSB, Cauldron & Crew
Group Shot

I started thinking about rebasing the cauldron on a 60x60 instead of a 40x40 last night.  A change I will likely make.

Both units of xbows with Bizzle

 Getting closer to starting painting and I can't wait!



Unknown said...

Excellent stuff!
I agree that the Cauldron will look better on a bigger base.

Domus said...

Thanks! I will post a new pic when I get that done (Next week - taking a few days off and then headed out for a 2 day tournament).

Mad said...

The Cauldron is very Smart !

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