Tuesday, October 9, 2012

US Throne of Skulls Tournament 2012 - Game 2

Game 2, Dawn Attack
Josh O., Warriors of Chaos

After the big win in Game 1 I was vaulted to table 1 for Game 2.  As I approached the table I was reminded by something Joe said, it’s better to take a draw or a small loss in the first round. After seeing Josh’s point denial beat stick I couldn’t have agreed more. Though to be fair this was the second Warriors of Chaos without a Tzeentch disk rider or Hell Cannon so it could have been worse. Here are the basics of Josh’s list. He also had several characters that never really came into play.
  •  Horde of Chosen

  • Horde of Nurgle Marauders (x2)

  • Chaos Hounds (x2)

  • War Shrine

During deployment both armies were able to keep their battle lines together as neither of us were hindered by the scenario. Over the course of a few turns I took out his chaff and pounded the Nurgle Marauder unit on the right flank, though I was not able to eliminate it. I sacrificed the Quarrelers but the Marauders did eventually get into my war machines and take them out. Early on he was able to get a 2+ armor save and a 4+ ward save for the Chosen which meant there was no way to engage them. Magically, I hung in there fairly well as Josh didn’t roll great in the magic phases. In the end he was able to get the Hammerers which pushed a minor win to a modest win of 450 points. Thinking back I’m actually quite pleased with being able to salvage as my points as I did.


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