Wednesday, October 10, 2012

US Throne of Skulls Tournament 2012 - Game 3

Game 3, Blood in Glory
Chris Goad, Demons

Going into Game 3 I figured I stood a decent chance because of the scenario.  But after I found out I was playing Chris I knew it would be tough as I was playing another local player who only plays ridiculously tough push it forward lists.  "His" ToS list was no exception.

  • Blood Letters
  • Plague Bearers
  • Slannesh Chariots (x3)
  • Fiends of Slannesh (x2)
  • Nurgling
  • Pink Horrors
  • Loremaster Light Wizard (x2)
  • Leadership Banner
  • The Masque

To lose the battle I had to lose both the Warriors and the Hammerers unit.  But to win I had to eliminate a large Horror unit with a bunch of characters an a 4+ ward save.  Sounds easy enough but to do it I would have to go through the entire army.  Then couple this with the fact that I could potentially be taking leadership tests at -5 I didn't go into it with a lot of confidence.  So how did it go? Well, organ gun hit the mask and wounded her 8 times in one go. She made all the saves. That was the highlight and it went down from there. I was tabled by turn 6.  

In retrospect I had thought about deploying my key units on either end of the table to avoid getting dropped to the break point.  But then I realized that if no one hit the break point we would go to Victory Points, which meant there was really no way to win other than to get the Horror / Character units.  At this point I could rail about horribly broken lists but I won't since I was warned going in that this would be the norm.  Plus I also knew that Chris had purchased Price's (another local player)  painted army and simply used Price's list from last years tournament.  I guess I'm just glad that Price came up with a new list so that I didn't have to potentially suffer the same list twice.  I will also say that I'm lucky in that I really only played one broken list the entire weekend. 


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