Monday, October 8, 2012

US Throne of Skulls Tournament 2012

Over the coming weeks I will be putting together a full account from the most recent Thrown of Skulls event held this past weekend in Memphis.  I will say it was the smoothest, most well organized event I've ever attended and I will definitely be returning next year. 

To kick things off here is the Dwarf list I took to the event.  At 2k I really struggled with squeezing in my toys and keeping the units large enough to be combat effective.  In particular I was really concerned with the size of the Hammerer unit. 
  • Dwarf Lord - Shield Brs, Shield, Fire, Cleaving, Might, Resistance, Spite, Furnace
  • BSB - Cleaving, Gromril, Iron (x2)
  • Rune Smith - Shield, Spellbreaking, Spelleater
  • Master Engineer - Stone
  • Hammerers x 16 - Full Command and Determination
  • Warriors x 28 - GW, Fully Command
  • Miners x 5
  • Slayers x 5
  • Grudge Thrower - Engineer, Accuracy, Penetrating (x2)
  • Cannon - Engineer, Burning, Forging
  • Organ Gun

Game 1, Battle Line Scenario
Rob Henderson, Warriors of Chaos

Met Rob early on Saturday morning and had a great chat with him and his retinue about the hobby and Warhammer in his next of the woods, Oklahoma City.  One thing that initially struck me about his army was there were no War Shrines. There were also no dogs.  It was not like any of the Warriors armies I've played in the last 12 months.  Here is  summary of his list: 

Mounted level 4 tooled up to really punish opposing magic users.
Three blocks of knights (two Tzeentch and one Khorne)
One block of extra hand weapon Khorne Warriors
Block of Marauder Horsemen with flails

Using my 2 “chaff” units of Miners and Slayers I was able to get a unit of Tzeentch Knights to join them on the left flank.  I then castled up on the right flank with the rest of the army.  My plan was to throw away the 110 points on the left to keep the Knights out of combat.  The artillery would shell the warriors into oblivion and move on to Khorne knights.  Lord and Hammerers would anchor the right table edge and were prepared to hold off the other unit of Tzeentch knights.    

He was able to kill a fair amount of the Warriors with magic.  But I’m happy to report that it was the only magic I suffered the entire game.   On the left flank the Slayers died gloriously from a charge by the Knights.  This coupled with 2 failed leadership tests to march away from the miners meant the Knights never reached the battle line.  The artillery train opened up and killed Chaos Warriors making the unit almost combat ineffective.  At this point I started to do the math in my head about the Knights with his level four on the right.  With a little help from the dice he could possibly wipe the Hammerers in one go so I swift reformed with the Dwarf Lord at the front.  I would love to say I also did this because I remembered his level 4 would have to issue a challenge, but sadly that was not the case.   I then moved them to temp the Knights to charge.
He didn’t take the bait.  In fact I think it caught him off guard and he actually backed up the knights giving me a charge distance of 12.  As the rest of the battle was going fairly well I decided to take the risk and declare the charge.  Rob later told me that he strongly considered fleeing but ended up settling on the hold reaction.  I made the required 9 to slam the Dwarf Lord Train home (at this point pull your imaginary air horn).  Thorin made swift work of his character, the knights were routed and surprisingly run down by the Dawi thanks to a poor roll.  

The Organ gun wiped the Khorne Knights and subsequently took a charge from the Marauders.  They held out while the Warriors went toe to toe with the Chaos Warriors.   Only by the Toughness of the two Dwarf characters did they survive.  Finally the Marauders broke through and made it into the flank of the Warriors, though at this point they were only in combat with the Battle Standard Bearer.  After Rob fluffed his attacks I was able to break the units and the Marauders fled off the board.  The Chaos Warriors rolled poorly on their flee distance and were caught by the Warriors.  Finally the remaining artillery finished his last unit of Knights and the field of battle was taken. 

In the end it was a big victory netting 3 points for the win and max Skulltaker points.  This was made even more satisfying later on Sunday when Rob Henderson finished the weekend with 4 wins and a loss and being named best Warriors of Chaos general at the tournament.  Rob was an awesome opponent that I hopefully will get a chance to play again in the future. 


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