Friday, October 12, 2012

Throne of Skulls Game 4

Game 4, Meeting Engagement
Swan, Beastmen

Sunday morning I rocked up to the convention center and found out I was supposed to be playing my friend’s Skaven army with two HPAs. But before I even had time to consider the Skaven army there was a player drop and I got swapped to play an excellent looking Beastmen army that I had been admiring on Saturday. Even better than the army was that I was getting to play Swan, who works for GW and is one of the most enthusiastic Warhammer players I've ever met.  Here is Swan’s army which included Slugtongue and Ungrol Foul Horn special characters:

• Beastlord with Stone Crusher, Gnarled Hide, Heavy Armor and Enchanted Shield
• Bray Shamen (lvl 2) with Dispel Scroll
• Slugtongue
• Ungrol Foul Horn
• Gor Herd (39) with two hand weapons
• Gor Herd (25) with two hand weapons
• Ungor Herd (25) with spears and shields
• Ungor Herd (25) with spears and shields
• Tuskor Chariot
• Minotaurs (6) with two hand weapons (Bloodkine had Sword of Striking)

I've already mentioned his army looked great on the display board.  I was really looking for to seeing two great looking armies going toe to toe on the tabletop.  Here are a few photos of his army and its' excellent display board that I took before the battle. 

The army was pretty straight forward though I wasn’t real sure how the special characters would impact the game.  The army didn’t have the typical chaff or the block of Bestigors that we see in most Beastmen armies.  I didn't really fear the army given we were playing the Meeting Engagement scenario.  For the scenario Swan won the roll, picked sides and setup his army first.   Swan did not lose any units to the reserve rolls and held the two Ungor units for ambushing.  Things looked good and then all fell apart for Clan Blazenbeard.  Both the Organ Gun and Grudge Thrower failed their rolls and would come on as reserves.  This was pretty devastating as it meant that I would lose a whole turn of shooting and I since I would likely go second they artillery would probably play a limited roll in the engagement.  For my deployment I dropped most everything in the center and put the Master Engineer and Cannon on the right flank.

As expected Swan got the first turn and things went from bad to worse.  Not only did both ambushing Ungor units come on, he got a roll of 6 for both units meaning he could pick where they came on.  Unsurprisingly he brought them on to take out the cannon and hit the Warriors.  At the bottom of 1 things looked very dire indeed.  Though one positive thing that happened was I was able to destroy Wildform.

With my first turn I brought on the Organ Gun and Grudge Thrower on the extreme left flank as he only had a chariot over there which was preparing to square off with the Slayers.  I also turned the Warriors to accept the inevitable charge. 

As expected both Ungor units charged the cannon and Warriors.  The cannon was wiped as the special character was in that unit but the Warriors rebuffed the charge and broke the Ungors, though  they were unable to catch them.  It was an opportunity missed as the Ungors would collect themselves and get back into the fray.  In the middle he moved up the Gor horde and I charged him with the Hammerers.

I issued a challenge with my General and in classic Warhammer fashion the Beastmen's general accepted and was quickly dispatched.  The Hammerers broke the Gor and chased them, though they got away.  They would never rally and eventually go over the board.   Fortunately my pursuit would have me run down Slugtounge who had the misfortune of standing behind the Gor Horde.

The Ungors rallied and got back into the Warriors along with the Minotaurs and the Warriors were simply trampled asunder over the course of a few rounds of combat.  Preparing for the Minotaurs into the Hammerers I swift reformed into the train with the Dwarf Lord at the head.

The charge occurred and I won combat and reformed into a standard block to finish the Minotaurs  In the end both units were destroyed leaving only the Dwarf Lord and the Bloddkine.  The Dwarf Lord finished the last Minotaur and charged the Ungors who fled.  The Quarrelers were able to beat the other Gor unit and run them down. 

At the end of the game I had the Dwarf Lord and a few other units.  I ended up losing by about 175 points.  While it was a loss it was one of the most fun games of Warhammer I've had in a long, long time.  With my artillery delayed it became two combat armies slamming together and annihilating each other in the process.  As Swan is based in Memphis I'm really looking forward to getting in more games with him. 


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