Friday, October 5, 2012

Medieval English | Muster the troops! [WAB]

Have finally assembled the figures for my Adepticon WAB singles army. I am rolling with Medieval English. I patterned the army after the British at Agincourt. The accuracy falls apart a little bit as I decided to build an allied unit of low-country pikemen.  The Jury is still out on them, I may build a unit of British spear or halberdmen instead to make the army more cohesive (and more accurate...)

I used Perry Bros for the army.  They are gorgeous and very dynamic. Bases are magnetic and made by Shogun Miniatures , they will make custom bases and movement trays at a very reasonable cost with a quick turnaround time. For example, I based all the archers on 20mmX30mm bases to depict open order.

Army List [as it stands now]:


16 Dismounted Knights [+Gen/ASB]
18 Dismounted Knights

18 Seasoned Archers [Stubborn|Stakes]
18 Seasoned Archers [Stubborn|Stakes]
18 Seasoned Archers [Stubborn|Stakes]
16 Archers

24 Low Country Pike

Thats a lot of lead...

Love the Perrys...

BTW, sorry for lack of posts. Been busy with work and working on terrain [building trees, etc. for the WAB at WaaghPaca tournament in Jan]. 

Thanks for looking


DeanM said...

Looks like a pretty potent army. We have a few folks here locally with English HYW armies. They usually do pretty well. Best, Dean

PsychosisPC said...

That is a lot of lead. My Romans tell me that they do not like that army and lead should be used for pipes. Look forward to seeing the finished product.

Michael Butcher said...

I have also pointed out (and shelled out for) another unit of "regular" british archers which I can afford by dropping the Stubborn on all the archers units. I am leaning towards this as I think 5 stubborn units (the knights are also, which makes sense to me) is a bit much. As the veterans will more than likely be behind stakes which negates the scary fist charge, etc...

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