Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Bull Ogre Maneater #1 Conversion

I've finished converting the first of 4 Bull Ogre Maneaters required for the initial Bull Ogre Kingdoms army list that I'm working on.

The goal was to make him look significantly more bad ass than the regular bull ogres. 
I went about that in several ways.

The first was to use of a Tuskgor head, instead of a Minotaur head. They look like really burly Minotaur heads anyways, so it worked out really well.
I wanted to add as much gear to him as was practical. In the end, I really couldn't add too much. The space on the model that I could add extra bits was rather limited. I did as well as I could, but ended up tossing several items back into the bitz box at the end.

I raised the head up quite a bit, just like I've done for all of my Bull Ogre models. This gives him a properly burly neck. I added a collar bit there as well, to make him look tougher.
I plan on equipping this fellas with ogre pistols, perhaps a brace of ogre pistols. That's why I gave him double giant crossbows. They are much more fitting to the Bull Ogre theme than any kind of black powder weapon would be.
His sword is from the Belakor box set; it's left over from when I made the Bull Ogre Fire Belly. I am going to use unique weapons on each of the Maneaters, as befits the Ogre fluff.

That's it for now. I'm not sure if I'll paint him up next, or start working on converting #2. We'll see shortly tho!


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Head is far too big :(

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