Sunday, September 30, 2012

Orctonnian BSB

Here's some finished shots of the Orctonnian BSB. I started painting him back in February, and just finished him last week. That's what happens when a project is a bit too overwhelming; it's really hard to get motivated!

You can find details on how I converted him here: Orctonnian BSB Conversion.
The basing scheme is similar to the other Orctonnians. ApoxieSculpt rock/slate work, and a few different kinds of static grass. I will likely go back and add some birch seed leaves to all of the Orctonnian bases at some point.

I wanted the boar to have a light natural look to him. That type of coloring would complement the scheme on the base, and add some more neutral tones to a model that I knew was going to have lots of bright colors elsewhere.
I went with red and blue for the heraldry components. Those are the proper colors for the current king of Bretonnia after all.

I followed my standard Orctonnian theme with the metals. The Orc metals were done to look dingy and well used; while the Bretonnian metals were painted shiny and clean.
The orc's skin tone was done with a basecoat of Loren Green, followed by a heavy green wash. Then I highlighted it with Loren Green; using increasing amounts of Bad Moon Yellow mixed in to lighten it.
The reds on the model are basecoated Scab Red. They're then highlighted with Blood Red. After that they get highlighted with Blood Red mixed with increasing amounts of Dwarf Flesh. The final highlight was Dwarf Flesh with a tiny bit of Blood Red.
That banner took me many, many hours to paint. It doesn't show up so well in the pics, but the fringe around the outside is painted in gold metallic tones, as are the boar's hooves and teeth.

The text on the book and such was penned on by hand using a Micron Pigma pen, size 005.

There are a few things on this fella that I'm not completely happy with in retrospect (looking at these super up close pics really made me examine it in grim detail), so I may yet go back and put some more time into him. I'm usually opposed to that kind of thing, but I have so much time into this guy already that a few more hours seems worth it to get that satisfied feeling.

Anyways, there you have it...


Mr Saturday said...

Sweet, I'm really hoping you get this army done, it' such a great idea. Your stuff just keeps getting better and better, it's blendtastic.

warpmaster said...

Stunning piece of work mate

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