Saturday, September 22, 2012

Ogres... | Adepticon Team Tournament 2009ish [WHFB]

As I continue to post models that may have not seen the light of day much, here are some Ogres I did up for the Adepticon WHFB Team tournament. I partnered with Shawn Welte and his awesome Chaos Warriors for the event.  All models are converted in some way. I am particularly happy with how the skin turned out on the Ogres and the thematic basing...



Ogre Bull unit #1 with Tyrant.  They are equipped with Iron Fists. Check out the lookout Gnoblar telling the Standard bearer where to look. Horn for Musician is from a Dark Elf Dragon..

Unit Champion and Standard Bearer details. 

Ogre Bull Unit # 2  I am a big fan of the "Frankenstein" looking metal shoes on my ogres. Great for kicking
Orc rears I guess. 

Ogre Bull Unit #3

I will be offering these models for sale on my new "for Sale" page on the Blog. 

As always, thanks for looking.


DeanM said...

Fantastic painting and basing, Michael. High-quality work as always. Best, Dean

PsychosisPC said...

Sheesh, that long ago, and I'm still working on that chaos army.

These are cool. The basing is quite inventive.

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