Sunday, September 9, 2012

Dwarf Icon - Part 2

In the first installment I created a pattern and transferred it to a piece of foam. In part 2 of the tutorial I will turn it into a simple 3D relief and get it painted.

First step was to extend the pattern out slightly. This gave me a guide for chamferring the edge once  the icon is cut out.

I cut out the icon with a hobby knife and cleaned up the cut with sandpaper.

Using a small ruler I extended vertical lines down the side of the icon.

I chamferred the edge with sandpaper. The trick is to sand the top edge until you hit the outer line of the pattern while leaving the bottom edge in tack. This yielded a slightly angled slop from the bottom to the top. I reduced the thickness of the icon by cutting it in half with a hobby saw.

Using a pin vice I drilled a series of holes along the icon and glued pieces of polystyrene rod into the
holes. I used two sizes of rod with the piece on the nose being slightly larger.

After the glue setup I used my hobby clippers to trip the plastic rod. I gave it a final sanding and it was on to paint.  

I primed the icon with black primer. 

Next I dry brushed the icon with 3 increasingly lighter shades of gray.

With a black ball point pen I redefined the carving to make it stand out.  I also painted the eyes white.

I "jeweled" in the eyes with my standard effect for red lenses.

I gave the gem eyes a couple coats of gloss coat.  Then I applied brown and green washes sporadically and then removed them leaving a slight stain.  It's a great way to break up the gray and make it look more natural. 

With the paint job done I adhered the Dwarf Icon to the base using wood glue and let dry overnight.  There is no stopping the Dwarf Army now!


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