Friday, September 7, 2012

Dwarf Icon - Part 1

To add a final touch to the display board I’ve decided to add a Dwarf icon above the mine entrance.  This along with the new walls will clearly differentiate this as a Dwarf Hold.  After scouring the various source materials I settled on using the icon from the shields found on most of my army. As the techniques used for this project are transferable to other hobby projects, especially terrain, I’ve documented a step by step tutorial.

First step in the project was to take a picture of the shield.  Knowing that I would be using the picture to develop a pattern I attempted to take the picture as straight as possible.

After opening the picture in Photoshop I cropped the image to just the icon.  I converted the image to grayscale, lightened it with the Gamma function and dropped in a center guide line. 

On a new layer I traced one half of the image using the paint tool.  I attempted to keep the lines reasonably straight and clean without losing the hand crafted look.

After hiding the background layer I mirrored the half pattern.  I resized the image to fit the area above the mine entrance, making the pattern 1.5” high.

I printed out the pattern with no page scaling so that it printed actual size and taped the pattern to a piece of ½” thick extruded polystyrene. I softly traced the pattern using a ball point pen.

After removing the pattern I used a dull pencil to strengthen the marks.   

Using the ball point pen I further defined and strengthened the pattern on the foam.   It’s important to take your time as if you slip it’s near impossible to fix your mistakes. 

Here is the finished pattern in the foam.  The pattern is just deep enough that it will show up well once painted.  

In the next installment I will cover turning the pattern into a 3 dimensional piece and how to paint it. 


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