Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Old One has Three Eyes.

Here are the first two, twin Heralds of Tzeentch. First off, the BSB:

I picked up both of these models as prizes at a local gaming event. I was not sure what I would be using for Tzeentch Heralds previously, so these Warriors of Chaos sorcerers worked nicely! I imagine they may be the mortals who summoned the Chthonic horde into existence.

The BSB was sort of tricky. A proper sorcerer would not be carrying around a flag, so I switched it up with a magic tome. I'm thinking he's toting the Necronomicon, which would be a source of power for the demons and make sense BSB-wise. I gave him a Chaos Knight mace, as I also wanted to be able to double duty the model as a Warriors of Chaos Exalted Champion BSB if I ever wanted to re-jigger the Demon list into a Warriors army. (Did not seem right for an Exalted Champion to not have a weapon.)

Less modifications to this guy. I love the model pretty much as is! One beef with the fig, his talons are modeled directly to his base and when you glue him down he's facing diagonally. I can't explain how much I hate that. It's not 1990 anymore GW, you have the slotta base technology to make your models look directly ahead!

Speaking of the bases, how do you like? The furies' basing was a bit of a red herring. I've already re-based them in this cave style basing.

Not sure what the next Demon post will be but I just have to mention the fiends are coming along quite nicely!


Johnny Hastings said...

Nice. I think the bases turned out pretty sweet! Diggin' the tome as well!

Hayne Begley said...

Definitely like both models. Excited to see the bases finished, they sounded sweet when you described them on the cast.

Mr Saturday said...

The cave bases are sweet. For a start, I've not seen this basing theme before, and for the bigger models you could go nuts with the stalagmites and related cave paraphernalia.

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