Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Reworking An Old Model

Once in a while, you have to update an old model.

As a general rule, I'm opposed to this idea. Occasionally though, it's unavoidable.
This old minotaur standard bearer was the first minotaur standard bearer that I made for my Beastmen army. He was finished way back in 2008. He simply doesn't fit in with the current look and feel of the standards that I'm doing.

The newer ones look like the guy you can see here: Mino Standard Bearer Blog Post. With proper tall standards!

As you can see, this old fella was in dire need of some updating. It sucks that I spent so much time once upon a time making something that I thought was really kewl, but that's how it goes.

At the moment, I don't forsee needing any more Minotaur (or Bull Ogre) standard bearers. I do however require a few more minotaurs armed with 2 hand weapons. So I decided to swap out his banner, and give him another hand weapon.
Here's the end result. It required cutting him up a bit, adding an arm piece with a weapon, sculpting it all seamlessly together, and painting it to match the rest of the body. That last part was a bit more difficult than it should have been, since GW has released new paint sets a few times since this guy was originally painted.

While I was painting his new arm, hand, and weapon; I decided to add a few more highlight layers to all of his skin. It really wasn't popping the way I'd like it to, so I did that along with the weapon update.
The goal was to make it so that you could not tell that he had ever had a different armament. I think that goal was achieved.

That's it for now. Time to work on some new projects, as opposed to reworking old ones!


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