Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Game Table WIP [15-28mm]

Unless it is for a commission, I am terrible at taking WIP shots. So after a ton of work, here is where I am at with my first attempt at modular terrain.  Intent is for an arid region [Mediterranean, Asian, African, etc.]. On hold for finishing until more static grass arrives for woodland scenics.  Will add some tuft grass and seal it afterwards.  Still need to make 2-4 woods stands and base up this Grendel Greek temple I have and should be finished.

I learned a lot doing this one, next I will make some 2' X 2' sections for a FOW table, however those will be more generic European in nature.  Please excuse the messy man-cave, son moved out to college and much moving is afoot :). 

There are six 2' X 4' panels that can be arranged in quite a few configurations. 

The table itself breaks down in half and is made to fit the top of an old-school lunch room folding table. Pretty sturdy (and heavy...). Notice the empty flock container (sigh) and the small test patch in the foreground.

For paint, I had a Gallon of Latex mixed up to match GW Kommando Khaki. The Hardware box store did an awesome job of matching the color, virtually identical. Initial texture is Ground Walnut shells, cheap as heck and easier (IMHO) to work with than sand. Layers: 1) Glue and shells. 2) Cheap White latex primer coat. 3 and 4) Kommando Khaki. I am going back and forth on sealing it or not, may not be necessary.  That is what the test panel is for.

BTW, I scored a boatload of trees from China on eBay, really cheap. Will give a review of those when they come in...

Thanks for looking.


Mordian7th said...

That looks absolutely fantastic! Really well executed - looking forward to seeing it in action!

PsychosisPC said...

Awesome table, your further along than I am on making a table. You may want to also check out Scenic Express for some more goodies. I'll have to bring up the Romans sometime to crush your greeks on it.

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