Monday, August 13, 2012

Aun'VA | WIP1 [40K]

An oldie that I haven't shown in detail yet. This was a pretty involved commission project of the Tau special character Aun'Va and his Guards.  Client wanted a display base as well as the ability to use the pieces in game play.

Concept sketch based on several emails with the client.  Aun'Va (in his Farscape looking floating throne thing) will be on a raised platform with his guards lower in relation to him. Setting will be an over grown, ancient temple.

I often design display bits using a triangular design, as you can see here.

 Verifying the layout and display base size.

I will use foam core (black) and insulation foam to create the sub-structure of the piece.  You can see where I have created wells for the figures bases. I used a soldering iron to carve out the space in the blue foam. Do this is a well ventilated area... 

Test fit the bases.

Applying Apoxie Sculpt to texture the base and create cups to receive the figure's bases. Apoxie Sculpt is a great and affordable 2-part epoxy product for large uses. You can see the start of the stone work for the temple.  The ork and barrel or tools I made to smooth and size the Apoxie Sculpt sockets on the base...

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