Thursday, August 16, 2012

Aun'Va | WIP 2 [40K]

Well, as I stated before I'm not great at WIP shots.  At this point we have moved quite a bit forward...

 Base layer of stone texture applied (yes, that is a lot of GS, but I was able to stretch it out pretty thinly)

 And then we jump to "ready for primer".
 I am really pleased with how the dead vines turned out.
 Elevated view.
 Side View
...and the other side...
 Early stages of painting the figures. I really like the muted palette of color, the red will be a nice focal color.
 Work on the cloaks.
Initial Dry Brush on the bases.
You can see where I used a light wash of greens to add age to the stone work.

Next: All Done!

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