Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Reikland Raffle

It is with a very heavy heart that I announce this, but I think it's the best move.

Hopefully it raises some money for the cast (Point Hammered), as well as relieves me of a very overwhelming project.
It's not our style @ Point Hammered to ask for donations, take shout outs, or to have sponsors (and therefore run commercials). We like to keep the show as free and clear of as much of that nonsense as possible.

That said, I've been funding this baby since day 1. It would be nice to recoup some of those costs, and perhaps have some money to put away for future Point Hammered endeavors.

It is our style @ Point Hammered to make super sweet conversions, and this is your chance to own some of them.

These models have been very fun to work on, and I've had a blast watching them come together. They're some of the most involved conversions I've ever done, and they're also some of the most flavorful models I've ever seen. I started working on them way back in 2009, and finally finished this unit this July!

Without further adieu, I sadly announce: The Reikland Raffle.

What's being raffled here? The unit of 4 very highly customized Empire themed Ogres that you see here:
You can see additional info and pics (including detailed WIPs) of these models at the following links:
Reikland Ogres Iron Gut Regiment

The 1st Reikland Ogre
The 2nd Reikland Ogre
The 3rd Reikland Ogres
The 4th Reikland Ogre
Note that the painted ogres in the pics above are for size reference only. They are not included in this raffle.

These models would make an excellent unit of man eaters. They'd make an excellent set of Tyrant/Bruiser characters for an Empire themed Ogre army (2 fighty guys, a BSB, and a random drummer). They'd even make amazing unit fillers in an Empire army.

If you really hate Point Hammered, or me; this would be an excellent way to show it. If you win, there are so many great ways to show me that you can't stand me. You could film yourself doing the following: burning the models, smashing them with a hammer, allowing your dog to chew them up, running them over with your car, using them as decoration in your fish tank, or any manner of other horrible fate. I would be most distraught should this happen, after such a huge amount of work; and would definitely shed a tear. You could also paint them up really nice, and beat up on me in a game of Warhammer (should we meet somewhere along the way).

I'm raffling them unpainted and unprimed. Unprimed so that when you get them you can see just how much work went into them. Unpainted so that you can paint them (or have someone paint them) to match your army color scheme.

I will be including the movement tray that you seem them on in some of the pics. It's been modeled to match the bases of the ogres. The models are magneted to the movement tray. The tray has magnets on its bottom, for sticking in an army movement box/case.

So, how do you get in on this? You purchase raffle tickets.


If you do mail in your payment, please include an email address for me to send your raffle numbers to.

How much do the raffle tickets cost? They're $5 each. If you buy $20, you get an extra. For every additional $20 that you buy, you get an additional extra ticket. So, for example:
$5 gets you 1 ticket.
$10 gets you 2 tickets.
$15 gets you 3 tickets.
$20 gets you 5 tickets.
$40 gets you 11 tickets.
$60 gets you 17 tickets.
$80 gets you 23 tickets.
$100 gets you 29 tickets.
... and so on.

How will the raffle work?
When you buy tickets, I will assign you the next available sequential number(s) (based upon how many tickets you purchased, and how many have already been sold). The numbers start at 1, and go through however many total tickets are purchased. I will be emailing these numbers to you; to the address that the payment came from, or to the email address that was supplied with your snail mail payment.

You don't have to buy all of your tickets at once. If you're the type of person that feels that your luck would be better if your numbers were dispersed across the available number field, you can buy at multiple times while the raffle is going. You will still get all of the bonus tickets for buying in $20 increments, regardless of whether you buy them at once or not.

I will not be tracking who has which numbers. I don't care who has which numbers, and I don't want it to be said that I was biased after a winner is named. At any given time, I will only be tracking the next available number. When the winner comes forward, I will confirm their claim by looking in my sent email box for the numbers that I sent them.

How will the winner be chosen? Why, by rolling dice of course! I will be using 10 sided dice to determine the winner (sacrilege, I know). If 100 tickets are sold, I will use two; if more than 100 tickets are sold, I will use three. The D10s will be of different colors. One die will be assigned to the ones digit, one the tens digit, and one the hundreds digit. The first number rolled that matches a sold ticket number will be the winner.

This raffle will end on: August 31, 2012.
The winning number will be announced on the Point Hammered podcast, the Point Hammered forum (on this thread: Point Hammered Forum Thread ), and on Twitter (follow @PointHammered).

Thanks for reading gang. I hope that you all participate; not only to support the Point Hammered podcast, but also so that you have a chance to own a really awesome unit of models.

If you have any questions, email them to me at:

If this goes well, perhaps we will have similarly awesome raffles in the future.

Suck my balls.


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