Saturday, July 21, 2012

Size Matters : Bull Ogre Characters

This post is intended to give some idea of just how large the Bull Ogre character models I've done up are. It isn't apparent just how big they are until you see them next to something you know.

The first one is the Bull Ogre Bruiser BSB.
As you can see, he's massive! These two unconverted Ogre Iron Guts (courtesy of the Bear) barely come up his nipples. He's wider across the chest than the Iron Guts are tall!

Next up is the Bull Ogre Butcher/Fire Belly. 

Again, the Guts barely come up to his nipples. His staff is about as high as the stock Ogre standard, and his arm span is wider than the unconverted Iron Guts are tall.

Lastly, for now, is the recently converted Bull Ogre Slaughtermaster.
He's almost twice as tall as the normal Iron Gut! His staff is about twice as long as the Iron Gut is tall. Again, he's really massive.

Despite all of the hate that the plastic minotaur box set got when it came out, these guys can really be made into something awesome. I'm not ready to take back most of what I said, but I have definitely come around on their possibilities.

I have one more character planned, the Bull Ogre Tyrant. I want to come up with a way to make him flying, so I can try out the Flying Carpet magic item. Stay tuned...


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