Thursday, July 5, 2012

Reikland Ogre Regiment #1

Those of you that have been paying attention are aware that the first regiment of 4 Reikland Ogres has been completed. These guys were literally started back in early 2009! That's over 3 years in progress. Yikes.
 The end result is smoking hot, as you can see. I'm really happy with how they turned out.

They were originally intended as Iron Guts, back in 7th Edition WHFB. At this point in 8th Edition, a unit of four may be too small. They would still work great as Maneaters, or even character models; assuming that I didn't use them as Iron Guts.
I borrowed a few unconverted ogres from the Bear, for size comparison. You can see here that they are literally head and shoulders taller than normal ogre models.

I spruced up their movement tray with ApoxieSculpt slate pieces, to match their bases.
As far as projects go, I think these are some of the most interesting and flavorful models that I've done. They're definitely the unit that has taken me the longest to finish!

I will likely keep plugging away on others, for the time being. Considering that I have about 30 more ogres that have been hacked up, and very roughly rebuilt. It's either that, or throw all those models away. Based on how much work this has been, that doesn't seem like such a bad idea.
If any of you would like to pick up a roughly converted ogre or two along with the parts to finish him, go ahead and contact me. I'd sell or trade a few off. You could try your hand at this type of conversion!

For more info and details, go here: Reikland Ogres


Rushputin said...

"These guys were literally started back in early 2009!"

Fact: totally worth it.

Hoodling said...

They look fantastic. Strange that they're so much bigger than the regular ogres - I wouldn't have picked it until you put them side-by-side.

It seems a pity to throw away all your incomplete work. The internet needs more Empire Ogres. Although I admit that if I hadn't discovered Instant Mold, I probably would never have followed through on my plans to make more than a couple.

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