Tuesday, July 17, 2012

PanzerKompanie | Eastern Front 1944 [FOW]

Here is what I have finished of my first FOW army.  PanzerKompanie from the Grey Wolf supplement book.  Still to finish: 10.5 cm towed artillery battery and FAMO recovery vehicle. Tiger is not part of 1750 point army. 

Command: 2 PZIV H
I based the the organic platoons camo on a photo taken during Operation Bagration.
Radio antenna are brass wire

First Combat Platoon:
3 Panzer IVJs
I converted these to have the upright stack exhausts and altered the side plating
rails to pipe to reflect to the late war switch to wire mesh side protection. This was often
lost in combat leaving the bent pipe supports on the vehicles. 

Second Combat Platoon:
3 Panzer IVHs 

Third Combat Platoon:
3 StuG IIIGs
These are the resin models from the original FOW intro box set

Support Platoon:
2 Jadgpanzer IVs
These are painted in a more standard 3 color scheme. As these are attached, they would more than
likely not share the same scheme as the supported company. 

Support Platoon:
2 Wirblewinds

Support Platoon:
1 Tiger
This is painted in a 3 color variant of combat platoon's scheme

Support Platoon:
Panzer Grenadier Platoon

Now to actually play a game :)

Thanks for looking.


PsychosisPC said...

That's pretty cool looking stuff. Tempting but just not something I'm willing to get into.

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