Tuesday, July 31, 2012

German 10.5cm Battery | Eastern Front 1944 [FOW]

Finished the last elements of my Late War PanzerKompanie, those being a 10.5cm Towed Howitzer Battery with support vehicle upgrades and a FAMO Recovery 1/2 Track.

The Battery in total

Close-up Left

Close-up Right

Close-up Center

And the incredibly large FAMO recovery vehicle...

Thanks for looking.


DeanM said...

Great looking battery, Mike. Sorry for not checking this post out sooner. The camo work is superb, as always. Your work is enticing me to get into FoW. Although I like 28mm, a couple of tanks that scale would take up the whole table. Best, Dean

Michael Butcher said...

Thanks Dean. Yet to play a game of FOW :)... On to Agincourt British...

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