Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Fourth Reikland Ogre

Here we have the fourth Reikland Ogre Iron Gut. Finally done!

 For this guy, I tried a few different things from the previous ones. The sword is most noticable. It's built of plasticard, and is modeled after the Empire Greatswords models. That curvy effect was really tedious to achieve, but it looks much more interesting than a straight sword.
 The armor on his left arm is more involved than any armor I did on the older ones. It's based on a specific Empire Greatsword's arm armor.
I positioned the sword as you see it in order to avoid having him hold it in only one hand. The sword looks much too large, and cumbersome to be handled with one hand. This is the only way that I could think of to make it work with the arms positioned where they are.
 That's it! Four done. Stay tuned for a post showing pics of them all together.

For more info and details, go here: Reikland Ogres


Mr Saturday said...

Great sculpting, I love these guys. You must be a pro at moustache-making by now.

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