Thursday, July 19, 2012

Evolution of the Hobby Tower Phase 3

Work on the hobby tower is nearing completion which means that I won't have any more excuses not to start the next army project.  On my recent trip to Buckeyes Battles I was able to hit up an Ikea and pick up two Detolf display cases along with their Dioder lighting. While I realize that they are not the high end display cases they are still pretty good considering they were less than $100 each including lighting. Here is a current photo of the room after a heavy cleaning.  You may never see it this clean again. 


Ryan said...

Looks awesome! I just checked out Ikea and didnt see those display cases..

Thanks for the video, but your camera work leaves something to be desired

retroalias said...

Click on the link above for the cases. They come in 2 colors.

Im definitly not a cameraman!

Dai said...

You're missing a turtle. ;)

Otherwise, I like your setup. Have been eyeing those cases for a while now. Do you think the lighting setup would work in non-Ikea cases too?

retroalias said...

The lights are pretty versatile. Each of the four lights seperatly plug into thr power attachment which means you could space out the lights instead of putting all four at the type like I did. Also, the lights can be mounted with the included screws (thats what I used) or double sided tape. So you should be able to mount it to a variety of materials. Ikea also makes different styles like LED strilps so they may have a lighting kit that works even better for you cabinet.

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