Sunday, July 1, 2012

Bull Ogre Slaughtermaster: WIP Post #4

I've been working on this big fella pretty much every day for a month now, and he's finally getting close.

On average I put in 30 to 40 minutes a day on him. It sucks that I have to wait three or fours in between sessions for the GreenStuff to dry, but that's how it goes. If it wasn't for that delay, he'd be done by now.
As you can see in the pics, most of what I've been doing to him has been sculpting fur. Sadly there is still a lot of it to go, as it's really monotonous and boring.

I also added some additional skin, to tie the flabby sections behind the armpits to the ones on the upper back. Before that, they looked really disjointed and unnatural.
A few more days of sculpting fur; then I can move on to his custom staff, as well as some kind of magical effect in his other hand.

I'm getting really stoked to start painting this guy!


Erik said...

When you are making the fur are the green stuff already dry? or do you lay a new thin layer and then start making the marks?

Johnny Hastings said...

It isn't dry. I spread a thin layer, then start stabbing it with the pointy sculpting tool.

ATOM said...

You can bung the soft greenstuff in a conventional oven.Twenty minutes at 40 degrees, I've been doing it for years. Its such a low temperature, plastics are fine too. It comes out hard as soon as it cool's down, saves lots of waiting.

ATOM said...

Nice work by the way. ;)

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