Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Buckeye Battles Team Tournament

On Friday July 13th 32 players made the pilgrimage to Delaware, Ohio to take part in the Buckeye Battles Fantasy team tournament.  The 16 teams consisted of 2 players each playing a 1300 point army.  As I was lone wolfing the event big thanks go out to organizer Jeff Parkhurst for putting me in contact with Rick Goetz, who I ended up partnering with.  Rick is an old school Warhammer player from Lexington who prefers to play armies with limited gimmicks and characters.  To that end he ran his Lizards with no magic and only 3 very basic characters, one of which was a BSB.  My Dwarf army complemented his pretty well as I brought the magic defense (3 spell breaker runes) and a little artillery in the form of 2 cannons.  Here is our army, the Vermin Breakers.

The tournament consisted of 3 games, each with a special scenario. In the first round we squared off against the Ohiohammer boys.  Looking over the tournament pack in advance Rick and I both knew that we could be in trouble with the first scenario if we played cav heavy armies.  Essentially each army was deployed in a corner opposite their partner.  Bob was running an all cav Warriors of Chaos army and Andrew was running a heavy cav Empire army (he did have one infantry unit of halberds).  Both of them turned their armies in my direction and moved to fight me as fast as they could leaving some chaff in Rick's way.  Rick's army was mainly unengaged for the entire game.  I held out as long as I could but in the end my 1300 points was not enough to overcome the 2000+ points that smacked me from the front and flank and we lost the game.

The second game saw us play Brets and Lizards.  The  Brets were fairly tooled up with all knights and 2 trebs.  The lizards were actually a softer list with no slan and Razordons.  In the end we lost because of my bonehead mistake.  I forgot to pop the rune of determination in a key battle.  I then failed a re-rollable 10 stubborn test and got the hammers and general ran down, and thus losing the game.   In the end we still scored a fair amount of points but we were still sitting 0-2

In the last game our luck really turned as we played OnG with Vampire Counts.  My flaming attacks dispatched the terrorgheist fairly quickly and with the help of multiple failed animosity tests we completely engaged and crushed the flank with the Vampire Counts, killing two Vamps in the process.  One really interesting event was Rick sacrificing our BSB to kill the Mangler Squig.  Turns out that it was the right call as it was a big win for us. 

In the end we finished 1-2 and landed 8th out of 16 teams.  Not bad considering my bone head move cost us a win in game 2.  Had a great time playing against some fun, yet tough, opponents and I'm looking forward to next year. I will leave you with a parting shot of the Ohiohammer boys arguing and complaining like an old married couple. 


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