Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Slaanesh Dragon

I am going to post some WIP pics of my Slaanesh Dragon. These pics were taken a while ago and are not that great. Sorry for any poor quality.

I am a sucker for dragons. I have been facinated with them since I was very young. It is no coincidence that most of my armies contain one if able. Anyway here are the pics.

These pics were of the model right after I hacked it up. No greenstuffing has been done. I am really at the posing and making it look right stage. I was very happy with how the pose was turning out. The rider was made from a chaos knight and brass rod for the whip.

Here are pics of the complete model before painting. All the greenstuffing has been done and all the little extras have been added. I tried to give the dragon as much of a slaanesh feel as i could. Long tongues and  earnings helped :) I also added the two daemonettes on top of the column (probably the most controversial piece in the army).

And the final product. I took my time painting this. I am very happy with how it turned out. It is the center piece of the army for sure. The basing has changed since these pictures, but just flowers and runes were added to mach the rest of the army. Hope you enjoyed the pics.


Erik said...

It looks really awsome! Just how/what technique did you use in order the paint the pilar so effectfully?

I must say you did a grate job with puting it all together and then then work with the greenstuff.

Dennis G said...

It was stippled using a sponge. I had a couple other pieces i did before this one for practice.
Thanks for the comment :)

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