Thursday, June 28, 2012

Empire "Capt. Morgan" Giant | WHFB

As part of a series of conversions for a client from Norway (!).  Earlier I did the empire Ogres (I posted these earlier...) for his army and he wanted me to do a Greatswords themed empire giant... 


Very Wip, working out the pose, back and forth with my patron, etc.

Note the place holders for sword and mug. 
Looks like a fancy-man's cane

A little farther aloong.  Boots were done in 3 steps.

Laple work was a bit finicky, but the large scale made it easier. 
In hindsight, I would do those bits in Brown Stuff next time.

Various angles of the finished model,
I really went to town to trying capture the empire feel for this model.

As always, thanks for looking.


redmanphill said...

Thats a cool conversion!

Karitas said...

really very nice work indeed.


Tylermenz said...

That is just amazing. I am always a fan of over the top giant conversions. The amount of detail on the thing is awesome. Keep up the good work.

DeanM said...

Hey, Mike; Sorry I missed this one - it is a fantastic piece. Thanks for dropping by today for the Hail Caesar game! Best, Dean

Michael Butcher said...

Thanks! Sometimes you do a conversion that you just do not want to send to the client... This was one of them.

Dave said...

Top Notch!!!

Had a little captain in you did ya?


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