Sunday, June 17, 2012

Bull Ogre Slaughtermaster : WIP Post #2

Time for a progress update.

As you can see, the big fella is coming along nicely. I've worked on him for around half an hour each day. I can only do so much before I have to wait for the putty to dry.
You'll note that he's been based. I went with my typical basing style, so that he flows with the rest of the army. The base was done exactly as I described in my previous basing blog posts, using ApoxieSculpt.

My main focus has been filling out his body. I've been scowering the web for pictures of heavy people, to get the look just right.
I am also trying to make him look like his is rather muscular under all that weight. That is in order to be consistent with the other conversions I've done/will do with the plastic mino kit.
The next big part to work on is his back. I don't suspect that it will be nearly as hard as getting his boobs to look right.
I really like how the big chubby cheeks turned out. They really helped the overall look of the model IMO. The detail on them is rather unimportant, as they'll be covered with fur at some future stage.

That's it for now.

Next week's update may be a bit weak, since I will be off at the Blood in the Sun tourney next weekend. Don't be surprised if the update comes a bit late...


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