Sunday, June 10, 2012

Bull Ogre Slaughtermaster : WIP Post #1

The next major project for my Bull Ogre army is the Minotaur Great Shaman a.k.a.: the Slaughtermaster.

I knew for sure that I wanted to base the model on the plastic minotaur kit. It'll then be consistent with the Gorebull/Bruiser BSB, and have a similar style (post conversion) to the metal minotaurs I've been using as ogres.
The first issue is that the plastic minotaurs are way too squat. After I picked out all of the bitz that I was going to use for the project; I cleaned up mold lines, then glued the body together.

 Before doing anything else I scraped off all of the fur. I intend to resculpt it in the same style as the rest of my minos.

The next step was to cut up the limbs so that I could lengthen them. I used my trusty jeweler's saw for making the cuts.
After that, I reattached the legs with ApoxieSculpt and super glue. I also extended the bottoms of the legs in order to give me something to build the hooves around.
Next I dry-fit the arms, one at a time. The point was to determine where cuts needed to be made to reposition them. After the position was sorted, I'd attach them each in turn.

You will also note in the next pic that I also cut/scraped up the ApoxieSculpt at the bottom of the legs in order to give it a more proper form.
I then attached the other arm. I wanted it positioned so that his arm and hand would be outstretched in front of him. The arm was attached at the shoulder with a big ball of ApoxieSculpt, in order to completely reposition it. Before doing so, I had to cut up the shoulder structure with clippers to make the arm fit right.

You'll also see in the pic below that I filled the gap in the left arm with ApoxieSculpt, to keep it in position.
It was now time to attach the head. That was done with another big ball of ApoxieSculpt. I didn't attach it to the front of the chest, as the model was intended to be built. I positioned it as if it were on top of a proper neck.

I also filled out the thighs, evening out the extended portions with the rest of the legs.
Next I sculpted the first hoof. In the next pic you'll see that the first attempt didn't turn out as well as I'd have liked. After the putty dried I cut off part of it with a modeling knife, and then tried again.
In the next two pics you'll see that I have both hooves done. I also used clippers to cut off some of the bulkier torso muscles that were sticking out too far. I do not intend to make this guy into a huge muscle-head like the BSB.

I intend to make this model really overweight, like a true minotaur Slaughtermaster should be.

I did some sculpting of fur around one of the hooves and up the calf on a day that I only had about 15 minutes to work. That matches the aforementioned consistent style of fur that all of my minotaur have.
Step one to fattening him up was to give him a big belly. As you can see, he's got a real nice cheeseburger locker now.

This was just the first step in fattening him up. Next I'll do love handles, and man-boobs.
You'll also see that I gave him a proper manhood behind that loin cloth.

Stay tuned for more updates to this guy in the coming weeks. I plan to do one post a week until he's completely done.


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