Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Third Reikland Ogre

Sorry for the bad vibe in the post title there. It was somehow unavoidable.

The third Reikland ogre is done! He's intended to be a unit standard bearer, for an Iron Gut regiment.
Once again, I think he turned out pretty sweet. These are some of my favorite conversions that I've ever done. The theme is great, and they're super characterful. Let me (yet again) reiterate how fun it is sculpt kewl facial hair on ogre models.

His hat was taken from the Empire General plastic box set. Then combined with a mob of GreenStuff. Size-wise it works really well. The grossly large feathers also fit nicely on the ogre scale.

He follows the same general idea of the last two that I did. Inspiration was pulled heavily from the Warhammer Empire Greatswords.

The standard was intended to match the one that the Greatswords carry as closely as possible. Here's a pic for reference. I also tried to model his general pose on the standard bearer in the pic below.
I didn't want to give him an axe though, I really like the thought of them all being armed with big swords.
The standard took forever to do. I had to do it over a few weeks, since the GreenStuff had to completely dry in between sessions. There's nothing worse than sticking your finger into a perfectly sculpted GS fold that isn't yet dry.
The sword is made from GreenStuff and plastic card. Personally I find them really tedious to make. It would probably be fun to make some more ramshackle ogre themed weapons, but these Empire ones have to be as clean and good looking as possible.
The base is once again built up from ApoxieSculpt, and enhanced with cork. I'll eventually do a blog tutorial on how I made those. I will also do a blog post about making custom standards like this at some point.

Here's a few shots of the unit so far. Three down, one more to go from the original four man set that I started waaaaay back in early 2009.
They are coming together super awesome. An army of them would be truly awe inspiring! Not that that is likely, but you never know. I'll keep working on then as long as they're fun to do!
Seeing this makes me really motivated to finish the unit!


Dai said...

Good lord man - that banner looks so lovely and smooth and natural... You make these horrible GW Ogre sculpts actually look good!

Johnny Hastings said...

Heh. Thanks! Sad part is that they're built on actual ogre models. I should start using armatures, 'cuz it'd be a ton cheaper.

Rushputin said...

These are really amazing!

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