Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Successful Color Schemes

As a follow up to my Failed Color Schemes blog post, here's the successful version.

I'll put some side-by-side pics below for comparison.

This guy is painted almost exactly the same as the failed version, but with a Scaly Green base instead of a Hawk Turquoise one.

 You'll notice that I really spruced up the way that I painted the shield. I thought the original one was too plain, and looked too clean.
I added less contrast to the armor this time. I wanted it to look smoother than the original one did. I'm not sure if I like it better or not.

It isn't really obvious from this pic, but the clear coat fuzzed up on me when I sprayed him down. That happens when you hold the spray can too far away from the models for the humidity that you're spraying in. I used my standard solution to that problem, and immediately brushed him down with an old clean tooth brush. It mostly saved the model from disaster.
I really like the way that the cloak turned out. It has a nice fantasy pop to the color, but it's still dark and sinister feeling in the recesses.
Both of the bases are built with ApoxieSculpt. The snow on the bases is made from baking soda, water, white glue, and a little white paint.
Did I mention that I really like the way the shield came out on the second guy? It's dirtier, and more used looking. I think it really fits the model.
The difference in the cloak is really obvious here. The original one (on the right) was way too bright and cheerful looking. Almost like the kind of pastel you'd see on an Easter egg.

I will probably go back and repaint the blues on the original warrior. That means I'll have to redo the shield and knee armor as well, but that's how it goes.


Anonymous said...

Magnificent as always! I need to get crackin' on painting my high elves, and this is some inspiration. I have been pondering my blending technique lately. I like the way that the lighting on the knee armor feels natural, but still lets the teal color be very vibrant. Are you wet-blending, using layers/glazes, ect? Keep up the great work, and hopefully I will see one of your armies at one of the tournaments soon!!

Johnny Hastings said...

Thanks for the feedback! Sorry I didn't see this earlier, I would've responded. I'm not on the notification list when we get comments. Anyways, I'm only using layers to get these effects. Just watering down the paint, and layering very thin layers. I've been thinking of doing some kind of video thing, just don't know how to make it happen.

Unknown said...

any chance you give me a list of used colors? love the color scheme.

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