Thursday, May 31, 2012

Slaanesh Chosen - From start to finish

So after completing the Man of Intrigue test model I got to work on the rest of the chosen unit.

These pics are from the converting and building stage. They went along the same route as the Man but just times 20 :p

I also added in the command. They are models from a company called Raging Heroes.

The next group of pictures is from the painting stage. I will explain the pics underneath them.

 Well they are just primed black at this stage. Easy enough.
 I then drybrushed the whole model chainmail. After that a light drybrushing of Mithril Silver.

 After that I painted the cloth dark purple and highlighted it all a couple time with Warlock Purple.

 After that the whole model got a coat of purple wash.

 Then three layers of Elf Flesh and a couple of watered down brown washes. Re-highlighted with  Elf flesh after that.

 Next was the pink. Started from tentacle and warlock mixed together. Worked my way up from there.
Blue was after that. Turquoise, highlighted with Ice and then a mix of Ice-White for the tips. 
Add flowers to taste. Also they were sealed 3 times at this stage. Then apply static grass and finish movement tray.

And viola. A finished chosen unit :)

Hope you enjoyed. I am currently working on some other projects and will get some pics up as I can.


Ryan said...

Really sweet unit. The conversions are very cool and the unit looks amazing all together. I especially liked the step by step pics showing all the work underneath the paint.

Looking forward to more.

Dennis G said...

I have no excuse to not take pictures now that my phone has a nice camera :)

Anonymous said...

Great stuff Dennis!

littlemute said...

like a boss

Mr Saturday said...

Excellent unit. The imagination gone into the conversions is superb, bravo!

Dennis G said...

Thanks for all the comments guys :)

Hayne Begley said...

Where did the pillar come from? Needing a couple for my own project.

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