Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Man of Intrigue WaaaghPaca 2012

So being my fist post on here I figured I would post up some pictures of my last project. I took a lot of pictures so I will post them in chronological order.

So I had contemplated doing a unit of Slaanesh Chosen.  After some searching I decided on basing them off the Dark Eldar Wrack models. I used the Man of Intrigue for WaaaghPaca as my test subject. Here are some pictures of him from progress to completion.

 So this is him after all the guns are cut off. I used some brass rod and Skaven Stormvermin halberd to make the halberd. The crest was from a company called MaxMini (I love them). I also made him a nice tiered base out of plastic card.
I then added a press molded shield made from Instant Mold (was skeptical till i used it, now I find it invaluable). I also added a Daemonette lackey hanging off his back. I also sculpted his back plate but unfortunately don't have a picture of that.

And here he is all painted and completed. I was very happy with how he came out. He gave me a great baseline on what was needed for the other 20 guys in the unit. In my next post I will go through the creation of the unit from start to finish. Hope you enjoyed the pics :)


Laughing Ferret said...

Nice idea of the shield, looks like a stylized claw from some angles, quite cool!

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