Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Going Stag, bro.

Finished up the girls for Midwest Rampage. Very pleased with the final result!

They worked pretty good game-wise as well. I did not lose them the entire weekend (although fellow MagBastard Rob "Pha's Protection" Phaneuf came close to snagging them!) The S3 template really bolstered my early game firepower. It's really the equivalent of about 30 or 42 long range Glade Guard shots that all hit on a single 2+ (which I botched numerous enough times). The Strength check to move bow was also very useful, working at least once in every game (except against Rob, where they never shot). Very disruptive.

Looking forward to using them again! Really, really wish they were a hero slot, though, as a 325 point price tag in the Lord slot means they aren't really in until the 2500 point mark.


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