Sunday, May 13, 2012

Empire Themed Table - Part 9

With Midwest Rampage coming up next weekend here are the final two pieces of terrain that I've created for my Empire themed table.  First up is the Wizards Tower.  I started with a hard foam tower that I picked up at a clearance sale many years ago at my LGS at the time, Brookhurst Hobbies.  While it was a serviceable paint job I wanted to spruce it up a bit for a while.  I added some terrain elements from my bitz box and cleaned up the bubbles and gaps using Apoxie Sculpt.  After priming I painted it up in various shades of gray.  I broke up the gray by applying a number of washes sporadically over the surface followed by wiping up the excess with a towel.  I used greens, reds and browns and focused my attention to the undercuts and below the windows.  I got a chance to use a number of the new GW Shades and I really like the new greenish brown Camo Shade.  Anywhere water would potentially run or pool I added some discoloration,  basically water staining. 

Next up is the marsh that will be fielded as Khemri Quicksand.   As I've not built anything like this before I wasn't sure how it would turn out.  I built a basic foam pond followed by texture and paint.  I then flocked the rim and sealed the pieces.  Next I built up the pond using thin layers of Envirotex resin.  On the final layer I added some organic debris to obscure the surface of the pond and make it easier for a solider to mistake it for a bit of wet, open ground.  I started with thin strips of Army Painter poison Ivy that I ripped from a bigger pieces.  I stretched each piece out and pushed then into the wet resin with tweezers along the edge of the bank where the debris would be the thickest.  I took some additional pieces of poison ivy and rolled it between my fingers over the surface of the pond.  This removed most of the "leaves" from the poison ivy which then fell into the marsh.  Finally I then added some leaf scatter from PK-Pro.  I mainly used the green scatter but added a few of the light brown scatter to break up the color a bit. 

Well, that is the final two pics of terrain for the Empire table.  In the final installment I will share some pix of the final table all setup at MWR.


redmanphill said...

Really nice tower! I am not 100% sold on the pool, seems too high. Maybe more like a hill with a pond on it than a swamp or such. Still perfect for a game though.

retroalias said...

Agree on the pond. Would look a lot better if is was half the height.

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