Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Empire Themed Table - Part 8

With A-Con behind me I'm now full steam ahead on the Empire table project.  I'm glad to report that most of the items are now complete and I can't wait to see it all come together next week once my order for Olive Green felt arrives.  I'm expecting one more post next week to wrap up this project and showcase the terrain in action.


Really happy that the buildings are completed.  Since they are the focal point of the whole table I spent a lot more time on them then I was expecting.  That is usually how things turn out when you given your best effort on something.  All three buildings were painted up with the same color scheme to give the appearance they were all constructed around the same time and using the same materials.  The blue roof is something I did before on my Chapel and I find that it is a nice complement to the cream and brown of the structure.  It also adds a bit of fantasy to the buildings as it's not a color typically seen in roofing.  I'm really happy with how the bases turned out (thanks to Apoxie Sculpt) as they give each building a definable footprint, increases the stability of the taller buildings and gave me a way to tie the buildings to the other elements of the table through the static grass.  As the buildings are meant to be played with I hit them with Krylon Gloss, Krylon Flat followed by Dull Cote.  They still have a bit of a shine so I may go at them again with the Dull Cote.

Up first is the 3 story building that I will be running as an Inn called the Angry Hog.  I ordered some signage from Scotia Grendel, which ended up being way to small.  So I'm still on the lookout for some tavern type signage to paint up and hang from the upper story.  If anyone has any good leads please let me know.   

Each roof is removable allowing players to place troops in the building.  Because each roof has a specific orientation I offset one magnet which is matched with the chimney.  Additionally, since each roof is specific to each building I color coded the magnets with one of three colors. 

Next up is the two story building.  I think the storm cellar entrance really adds a bit of character to the building. 

Finally, we have the one story building.  I used upper stories and roof structures made out of wood for the other two buildings.  But on the one story the building is mostly stucco with a bit of wood framing.  The outbuilding really adds a little character.  One thing I would have like to done would have been to change up the doors a bit so each building had a different door. 

Here are the three buildings put together in a town square.  Hopefully the folks at Pardulon will continue to add to their awesome, modular line of resin buildings so I can build up the village even further.  I'm looking forward to adding more buildings in the future.  First up will be a blacksmith and a stable. 

Watch Tower

Thanks to everyone for the excellent feedback.  I think everyone will agree that it was the right decision.  The plastic Citadel tower all painted up will make an excellent addition to the table.  The use of stucco and blue roofing also helps to connect it to the previous buildings.  I specially didn't add a base just so that I could minimize it's footprint and be able to squeeze it into a packed table when necessary as watchtower are usually the last piece of terrain deployed on the table.

Elven Waystone

Here is the finished piece sprayed with Dull Cote.  The runes are from the High Elf book but I can't recall what they actually mean at the moment. 

Sigmartie Shrine

Here is the finished shrine after a coat of Dull Cote.  I'm looking forward to this anchoring the center of my small town square.


The two forests are all done and really were a snap to put together.  All it took was some store bought trees and some round 40K bases.  By having the trees all separate they can easily be moved out of the way when units are traveling through them.  By using 4 different types of trees of various heights I was able to make a more realistic looking woods.  Plus, unless you are a halfling, it will be difficult to get line of sight.  If I'm so inclined I may also add some small undergrowth to the tree bases to spruce (pun intended) them up a bit.


I know I've shown some of the hills before, but here is all of them finished up.  In the past I've used standard flocking to cover my hills, but I think you will agree that the static grass is a huge upgrade.Glad to say  with a light dusting of Krylon Flat the static grass holds on pretty well.  Since it's brown underneath it won't really matter if some static grass falls off anyway, it will only make it look more natural. 

Scree Slope

This is one of the last pieces needing to be finished.  Honestly nothing really came together on this as I was not able to source reasonably thick cork to make the slope more rocky.  So I opted for the cheap way out and used various sands and ballast to texture the slope.  Not entirely the look I was going for, but it will work in a pinch.  I also added a few undercuts to break up the slop using a hobby knife.  Now I just need to add static grass on the top and call it a day.

Temple of Skulls

Here is the finished hill.  Keeping the temple separate allows me to use this as, surprise, a standard hill.

I was planning on using the Alter of Evil (may still) but decided to have a go at making my own version.  Using 1/2" blue foam I made a circular plinth.  Then using a pencil I added stone work a Chaos Symbol.  After I started painting I realized it was missing something and dug in my bitz box and found a plastic skull from the Arcane Ruins set.  A skull is fitting since this is supposed to be a Temple of Skull after all!

Here is what it looks like on the hill.  Does it look stupid?  Too Small?  Should I go bigger with large columns?  Looking forward to your feedback. 

Wizards Tower

Since I had an extra tower I figured I would put it to good use.  But since it is relatively old I wasn't very happy with it since I never properly cleaned it up and filled the air bubbles.  So since I was going to be starting over on this tower I figured I would Warhammer-ize it a bit.  So after a session with the bitz box and some of Apoxie Sculpt here is what I came up with.  I'm hoping that it will have a bit of ram shackled character once it's all painted up.

That's it for now.  Next week should see the final installment of the table construction. 


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