Monday, May 14, 2012

Eldar Farseer

I did this guy up to test my talents a few years ago. It is rare that I do a 40K model, but I couldn't pass on this one. I think it's an absolutely gorgeous model.

I recently went back and redid some of the purples, and the whites. That's also really rare for me; to do more painting on something that I consider finished. There was just something about the cloak that didn't look quite perfect to me.
He won me a gold in the Adepticon painting competition when I first did him (I think it was in 2009), and now I believe he looks even better.

I'm hoping that I can still do some more work with these purple tones. They turned out awesome, and it wasn't overly tedious. I still have to hit the game store to explore the new Citadel paint rack to find color equivalents.
I really like how the whites turned out as well. Super clean, with blue/gray recesses to tie in the colors on the weapons and gems.
The weapons and gems are done in Hawk Turquoise, highlighted up with white.
The base was built up using ApoxieSculpt, and some Imperial city bitz. Followed by my usual gravel routine. The colors on the base were intended to complement the model.

I really wish I had more time to work on stuff like this. This model alone inspired me to buy an entire Eldar army some years back, which I later sold. Meh.

All told, he took me around 17 hours to build and paint.

Anyways, there you have my rare 40K contribution.


Unknown said...

Dude thats frikin cool. Thanks so much for posting. I got your site off your twitter, which I got from Blizzard cust service re-tweeting. I'm BoilingBard#1484 in Diablo III if you ever want to hang or if you ever need a hand with something.

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