Saturday, May 26, 2012

Bull Ogre Bruiser (or Gorebull) BSB

Today I finished up this beefy fella. The conversion work on him was detailed here: Gore Bull BSB Conversion.
Paint-wise, I tried to make him consistent with the rest of the Minotaurs I've done. The skin tone was a new one for me, but I used the same basic palette. I really like how that turned out. It contrasts really nicely with the black fur.

I played around with the metals quite a bit, trying to find a more interesting way to weather them. It ended up being a rather involved process. I started with Boltgun Metal. Then a heavy Devlan Mud inking. After that I gave it a light Boltgun Metal highlight. Then I added the rust effects by stipling on Scorched Brown, Bestial Brown, and Fiery Orange (in that order). After that I highlighted with Boltgun Metal, Chainmail, and lastly Mithril Silver. I'm not sure that I got what I wanted out of it, considering how complicated the process was.
The freehand on the banner is a bull skull. Here was the inspiration for that.
You'll note that the base is built up using some of the recent techniques discussed in my custom basing blog post here: Custom Basing 1.
The skull and jawbone on the banner pole are from the Giant kit. The skull having been previously attached to one of the Giant's weapon options.
I went out of my way to blend the blues on the banner as much as possible. I wanted to see how smooth the transition could get, and it turns out they be as seamless as you want them to. Assuming that you care to put in the time anyways.

You can see more pics of this big bastard here: The Wild Herd Bull Ogre Gallery.


Ryan said...

Absolutely stunning. Love the freehand banner and you're right about the skin and fur going well together.

Johnny Hastings said...

Thanks Ryan! One thing I really should have done is added a pic with him next to a Gor or something. These pics really don't show how F'ing massive this model ended up being.

Raf said...

the whole model is awesome but the blending on the banner in particular really stands out as quality. really good work man, congrats

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