Friday, May 18, 2012

Adepticon Part II: WAB Singles Rounds 2 and 3

Sorry for the delay, bid ceremony today for ROTC (where I work) and my commencement is tomorrow... whew.


Here we are all set for round 2.  My caliphates vs. Abe's Teutonics. 
Lots o' really hard knights and infantry.  Scenario was to claim and hold objectives. 

Battle Lines set.  As you can see I easily outnumber Abe's Army 2 to 1.
Matt J2 is looking on... 

Sadly, any semblance of trying to take turn by turn photos disappeared in a dice rolling haze.  Here I have claimed the objective on my side and managing to hold the charge of the crusading knights.  I am set up nicely for a flank, heh, heh

Meanwhile, we have a nice mess on the other flank with my attempt to deal with the Teutonics. I am very afraid of this unit. Abe's screening cav has managed to block him up a bit too. 

Meanwhile part 2... Action on the far flank. My light cav move to challenge (and later sieze) Abe's objective.

Checkmate...  I flank and (will) break the Teutonics.  I will end catching and destroying them, effectively ending the game.  Got very lucky on this one... but I'll take it. 

Game 3 vs. Bennett's gorgeous Roman Legion.  3 large Legionnaire blocks, 3 (yes, 3...) ballista, and a slew of shooty Barbarians.  Okay, this is gonna be tough.  We are playing for the title, no pressure.  The scenario involves a champion challenge (which yields a BP).  Here you can see that Bennett has clearly decided to bring a knife to gunfight and I easily slay his champion.  

Lines advancing.  I am taking a freaking pounding by the 3 ballista...

I do manage to get around the side to hopefully cause some trouble on the
ballista conga line 

Lines about to close.  My javelin and arrow fire is wholly ineffective vs. the well
armored romans (Light armor and large shield).  My line is basically naked... 

Another view of the Roman Death that is coming my way. 

Ok, I manage to hold vs. the charge for a round and even see off  the Barbarians
on the flank.  If only my line can hold and I can turn the flank.... If only...

and that won't happen... (In the heat of running off and removing models I did not
take any more pictures).  In the end, my infantry were no match for Bennett's and
my line is swept.  Guess that is why rome lasted so long. I manage to salvage 2 BP
to Bennett's gazillion.  Ironically, we ended up tied for BPs (I had two very good results
earlier),  Bennett won the event on head to head.  Well played, very good
tournament list and absolutely beautiful to look at and get killed by.
Next time Red Baron, next time... All joking Bennett (as were all my opponents) was
a blast to play against.  Why I keep coming back.

Next year: Agincourt Era English (mostly Perry figs...)

Thanks for looking


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