Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Adepticon Part II: WAB Singles First Round

The AdepticonWAB singles began "gentlemanly" early on Saturday morning.  After a rousing evening of re-fighting the crusades, I had a pretty good idea of what my Caliphate army can and (as you will see) cannot do. Rich again put on and ran a wonderful event with clever scenarios, quality terrain and tables, and professional time management (well played Rich, well played).

Lots of old friends and new faces this year...

Here is my singles army...
AoA2 Caliphate [2800 points]

Crusaders vs. Caliphate: Laid out for battle...
 Game One: I faced off against Merle and his Crusader Army.  Merle is a very good and knowledgeable player and blast to play against.  We have played several times we both always have a good time and a good game.  Merle army had loads of knightly goodness and was well balanced with some solid infantry blocks and a load of skirmishing crossbowmen.

Scenario involved units holding coins of various values. We both assigned our coins to units we figured would not be broken, etc. (or if they did, we would lose anyway...)

Now I had visions of turn by turn shots and witty commentary, but that was a lot harder to do than I thought and play the game too.  I will attempt to relay the main points...

Turn 2 (or there abouts)
After playing footsies, the armies close.  There are fights shaping up on the
flanks and the center.  I am able to weather the first Knight charge and hold
my line. Quickly I will manage to drive off the Skirmishers on my left 
flank and will be swinging my lighter Cav units up and behind Merle to cause
some trouble. On the right flank, my Ghulams are playing Cat and Mouse with
a giant Military Order unit in order to hopefully make them too late to affect the
main battle...Tension...

Caliphate light cav flanking the Crusader lines. On the opposite flank my Ghulams
Deliberately turn and run to the center to support the infantry that are about to get
smacked about, leaving the Mil Order about 2" shy of catching them.  The
Ghulams will get pounded by crossbows during this manuever.

Unfortunatly for Merle, the Crusader foot troops fail thier charge and get to sit an get pounded by javelin, arrow, and
Naffatun fire.

Uh Oh...

Close up of the line....

Fast forward... I managed to break and see off both the knight units in contact with my infantry, mainly due to static combat res.  The rock-hard Crusader infanty are starting to get attrited...

As you can see at the top, I have turned the fire Bde Ghulams back to stave off the
Military order. Notice there are a lot less (damn Crossbows)...

the Crusader Infantry flee after I get the flank on them on my left.

The Bishops unit reforms and I literaly shoot the entire unit out from under him setting up this not as staged as it looks picture.

My next turn, I have the cav and Naffatun turn to deal with other units, thinking that 30+ Javelin and arrow shots will take care of the Bishop with no worries...

...and then almost fail... Only did 2 wounds to the clearly blessed Bishop, who promptly rolled two "1"s.  Gues his luck ran out. At this point the battle was over and we shook hands.  Game was in the balance for quite a while, then as it will go sometimes, quickly turned.  Thanks Merle for the very enjoyable game!


Laughing Ferret said...

Great Battle Report and pictures!
Looks like it was a fun game. Your army looks great on the table.

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