Saturday, April 28, 2012

Workbench Project Progress 2012.04.28

I have a few updates on some of the myriad of fun projects I've been working on lately. You can see the previous state of these fellas on my last Workbench post.

Up first, the next Empire themed Reikland Ogre. The part you see of him here is completely done. I'm currently working on making a custom standard for him, as well as a custom weapon.

Since last time I posted, I added the puffy sleeves, several armor straps, the collar, the facial hair, and the hat. The hat was cut off of the plastic Empire General model's head, and then customized to fit. The rest of it is all putty work.

The side view here gives some detail of the sleeves, and the straps on the leg armor.

The back view shows how the hat came together. I was really unsure about it the whole time I was adding it, but once it was finished I was really pleased with the result. The moral of the story there is to stick with it, and trust your instinct.
This side view shows detail of the armor strap; as well as the hat, and sleeve work. I gave the insides of the elbows an extra crease of puffiness, and left the outsides un-creased. Somehow that seemed to make sense.

Next up is the Mordheim Bray Shaman. He's all ready for primer now. The staff hand is supposed to be a left hand, but I decided to move it to the right. It required a bit of hacking, and putty cover-up work. I think it works well there though. I lost his metal horns, and had to add the plastic ones you see here. I also decided to give him a bit of magical fire, to match with the other custom Bray Shamans in the army. It gives him a look as if he's about to cast something major at you! That will also allow me to play with some light effects when painting him up. I built up the front of his base with ApoxieSculpt for the sake of variety.
Here's a little more detail of the sculpting on the arm. I worked with the straps that were already sculpted on the piece, to cover over the hand.

Lastly, the Horsegor conversion is ready for primer as well. The shield is just temporarily attached for the moment. This guy was a blast. He's a human-ish horse who fancies himself a knight.

I added the studded strap across his torse to match with the straps already on his head.
The head had a bit of cloth already on it that went just past the ears. I decided to work with it, and let it flow down to the shoulders.
Obviously the lance bit is from a Bretonnian kit. I debated on giving him a Bret shield as well, but decided it was more beasty to go with this one. He'll fit in with the rest of the regiment that way.
I hacked up the shield shaped emblems that were on his head, to make them round. They seemed a bit too Bretonnian for me.

That's it for now gang. A few fun conversion projects done, and one well under way. Stay tuned!


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